11 – 17 May 2014 I’m travelling to Seoul South Korea.  a lot of think make me in love there.

Foods. Foods is very..very…yummy, jeongmal neomu mashita, 성말

Cosmetics. i think Myeongdong is woman heaven :-D. a lot of cosmetics outlet here, Etude, FaceShop, SkinFood, It’s Skin, Missha, Holika holica, Banila co, etc.

Coffee Shop. easy to find a coffee shop in seoul. if feel tired when exploring one place, anytime you can take a rest for a while at nearest coffee shop. recharging your energy with a cup of caramel machiato 😉
I like spent my time at JHolic cafe @ Myeongdong, ssstt…its becouse of Jaejoong heheheh

Accessories. a lot of cute accessories at Namdaemun Market. and you can find stocking with cute design (and also it’s cheap yeay..) buy… buy… buy…

Internet Network. There’s a lot of free wifi in public area. you can easy to find wifi at Subway Station, Bus Terminal, and Tourist spot. The goverment really support a Korean Tourism.

Local People. wow….they very humble and helpfull. even we can’t doing good communication but they always try to help us when we are asking. two thumbs up for korean people.

Heritage site. I always like to visiting an Heritage Site, and Seoul has a lot of that.

aaah…. Seoul, oneday i will be back. I really want explore other area of South Korea.

Love…. Love…. Love